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Struggling to handle matters associated with your commercial or residential rental property?

Managing rental properties with limited or no experience can be difficult, to say the least. From fixing the terms of lease to finding reliable tenants and reaching suitable rent settlements with these prospective tenants, there’s a multitude of responsibilities linked to renting a property. It isn’t uncommon for people to feel overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of these responsibilities and consequently rush into hasty decisions.

We offer commercial and residential property management in Brooklyn, NY, allowing you to make the most of your rental property through the efficiency of our property management services.

That’s where we can help!

KH Consultants is a professional property development and management services provider, helping Brooklyn residents rent properties for profit with minimum hassle. We use our years of experience in the real estate industry to offer efficient rental property management solutions tailored according to the needs of each client. Once clients communicate their requirements to us, our team works tirelessly to develop effective negotiation strategies, which we later use to reach profitable rent settlements with tenants. We also use our expertise in conflict resolution to build strong tenant-landlord relations.

To request a quote for our services, visit us at our head office in Brooklyn or contact our representatives at (347) 987-4063.

Rent Negotiations and Tenant Relations Management
A large part of our work as property managers includes conducting rent negotiations with prospective tenants. As you representatives we will take on the role of administrators of your property from the maintenance all the way to resolving any tenant rent negotiations.

Speedy Negotiations
Rent negotiations with tenants can take up much of your time. It’s a process that requires evaluating your priorities and choosing whose requests you can afford to entertain.

This evaluation ought to be conducted on the basis of the returns you can expect from your tenant and the considerations extended to them during their stay. Such an evaluation requires a calculated approach to tenant relations for the best possible long term results.

Expedited Conflict Resolution
Our renting services are a major constituent of our property management services. Considering our expertise in people management and project management, we work as middle-men between landlords and tenants to maintain a smooth functioning of property activities. The rent negotiations we conduct has significant implications for any lease we draw up with a tenant in the future.
For these reasons, we always try to represent our clients’ interests in a way such that we can strike a fair agreement for all parties involved.

If clients wish to renegotiate their rent payments, we will attempt to resolve any potential conflicts as quickly as possible. The umbrella of our renting services also includes performing tasks such as showing tenants around the property, giving them an overview of the facilities available and then initiating any negotiations relevant to the monetary aspects of their stay.

We also take on the responsibility of collecting rents from clients according to the terms stipulated in their lease agreements with our clients. Call us today for more information on our renting services or to hire us as property managers for your real estate. Mortgage Payments
KH consultants also extend Mortgage payment services to our clients. If the properties we manage for you up on a mortgage, then you need not worry about making the payments yourself. We will deal with any bank and mortgage related concerns on your behalf

Working as Middle Men
With our extensive experience as middlemen between tenants and landlords, we have perfected the art of enabling communications between multiple parties. We will represent your interests to any financial entities you may have a mortgage agreement with.

We take on the responsibility of maintaining a smooth flow of payments and consistent communications between you and banking authorities. With our services your property dealings are in safe hands.

Handling Property Related Finances
When we offer our property management services, there is no property related financial obligation that we would not extend. One very important concern is your mortgage obligations that need to be fulfilled periodically and without any delays. KH consultants will make sure that you are not behind on any mortgage payments by making these payments on your behalf. We require all of our clients to maintain a bank account through which we can ensure that the payments are being met.

Since your property is an asset that serves as a source of revenue and capital, we will take a proactive approach in your property related financial management requirements. With years of experience in managing property, we realize that there are more purposes that they can serve beyond just getting rent income. To this end, we help keep your financial plans on track by facilitating any payment procedures that you might have to undertake yourself and cannot manage for any reason.

Call us today for more information on our mortgage services and how we can help you stay on top of your bank obligations incurred from your property. Services
Drawing up a lease is a complicated procedure considering how the document must comply with state regulations and fair housing laws amongst other legalities. With our experience as property managers, we have an in-depth understanding of leasing requirements.

We can take on the burden of creating leases for any tenants who may wish to rent your property.

Lease Negotiations
The process of leasing can be long and drawn out process of negotiating and renegotiating agreements until a mutually beneficial arrangement has been reached.

Many tenants have personal requirements, like bringing in their pets or they might wish to modify the property they rent out. Each of these requirements needs to be considered and added into agreements if a consensus is reached.

Instead of taking on the responsibilities of creating and recreating these agreements yourself, let us get the job done for you. We will represent your interests as a landlord to help you and your tenants reach a middle ground on the rules that will dictate their stay in your buildings.
All the agreements we draw out will be as detailed as possible to make sure no misunderstandings arise at any later time.

Renegotiations and Renewals
Once a tenant has complete the terms of their leases and wishes to extend their terms, we will also manage the renewal process. In this process KH consultant property managers will conduct a thorough inspection of the property to identify any damage or modifications done to the property and supervise any financial obligations the tenant needs to fulfill before the terms can be renewed.

Your property is an asset whose value you cannot compromise under any circumstance. Lease management is a tool that can go a long way in helping you maintain the condition and the worth of your property. KH Consultants will maintain proper records and keep track of lease agreements that require modifications or renegotiations. We will also make sure that the terms of any lease agreements drawn up with tenants are upheld to the fullest extent. Operational Efficiency
We would not be of much help if we couldn’t help move things along within the context of your property administration. In our time as property managers, we have developed core competencies that can speed up the administrative tasks required as building administrators.

Smooth Workflow and Rapid conflict Resolution
Managing people is our forte. We have worked for years smoothing out the administrative processes for residential buildings and units. In our capacity as property managers, we will resolve any tenant concerns and resolve any conflicts quickly and effectively.

Expedited Financial and Administrative Affairs Management
KH consultants offer a full range of property management and construction management services that we can render in the shortest timeframes imaginable. With our experience in communications and logistics, we can create flexible and fluid work flows which can cater to any eventuality that arises in the process of your property ventures.

Our full range of services includes maintaining your properties, dealing with tenants, handling your financial concerns and rapidly completing any construction projects you are undertaking. Our range of in-house competencies allows us to surpass any competitor in terms of project completion and management capabilities.

Call us today for an appointment of for the full range of services we can render for you property related problems.

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