High-Quality Commercial Flooring to Boost Property Value

Floor construction is one of the most challenging aspects of property design, since floors are the foundation of any structure. They need to be made with the intended nature of the building in mind, and from a construction, architectural and functional point of view, the floor of your commercial property can impact its value.

It’s an aspect of commercial property development that cannot be neglected because low-quality floor construction can lead to faster damage and wear from the high traffic in structures such as malls, outlets, and apartment complexes.

Due to the general scale of these projects, time constraints, extensive consultation and extremely high-quality construction materials and finishes, new flooring construction for commercial property tends to cost more. Different construction styles, materials and techniques that depend on the type of commercial building are also factored in.

Popular construction materials used include terrazzo, quarry tile, vinyl, porcelain and many more. Certain materials are better for places like hospitals and labs, while others are suited to showrooms, apartment buildings and commercial kitchens. Our expert construction managers and contractors will be able to help you decide the best look for your property, working to create the ideal floor for your space. Reach out to us to learn more about our floor construction services in Brooklyn, NY.

Long-Lasting Residential Floors That Are Worth the Investment

In comparison to commercial flooring, residential floors see a lot less traffic. Due to this, residential flooring can last for years or even decades with proper maintenance and care—however, it’s important to choose materials that work for your home.

Some of the top choices for flooring materials for homes include hardwood, laminate, vinyl or linoleum, natural stone or tile. Over the course of multiple, in-depth consultations, our experts will be able to recommend the material best-suited to your lifestyle, desired aesthetic, maintenance routine and budget.

With extensive experience and expertise in construction and property development, our consultants, developers and construction crews offer speedy and efficient services, working with state-of-the-art tools and technology to build floors that will tie your home together.

Our residential and commercial floor construction services are available in Brooklyn, NY. We specialize in new flooring construction, remodeling and renovations for your residential property. You can contact us to learn more about our services.

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