3 Reasons Why Female Bosses are Good for Business

3 Reasons Why Female Bosses are Good for Business

A survey conducted by Gallup in the 1950s concluded that two-thirds of their participants preferred male bosses, with a mere 5% saying they’d be alright having a female boss. When the same survey was repeated this decade, there was a stark difference in the results.

The two-third majority had fallen to one-third, and around 20% of participants said they preferred female bosses. While this shows us that a higher number of people have become unbothered by the gender of their bosses, it also proves that the idea of female leadership is making significant strides in the workplace.

There are various reasons for the increasing preference for female leadership, and in this blog, we’ll be talking about some of them in greater detail.

Higher Engagement in the Workplace

Research has shown that female bosses are much more serious about their work and professional relationships. Gallup found that female managers tend to be more engaged than their male counterparts, making for a cohesive and collaborative work environment.

Females in leadership positions also have a stronger work ethic, and they work with more dedication than male leaders. Perhaps to break the stereotypes that surround female bosses or because of the ingrained sense of responsibility, female bosses tend to perform better in leadership roles.

More Involvement with Employees

Female bosses are more involved with their colleagues and team. They give greater importance to collaboration and cooperation, which creates a healthy, learning environment at work. They are also more interested in employees’ progress, which acts as a positive motivator for better performance.
Their increased participation and concern for their employees encourage them to work better, resulting in higher performing workgroups. The Gallup survey proves that female-female interactions in the workplace are most engaged compared to male-male interactions, which are the least engaged.

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Better Work-life Quality

Because of the higher involvement that female bosses exhibit at work, more employees working under female bosses report feeling appreciated at work compared to their counterparts working under male bosses.

Research shows that female bosses are more effective at encouraging employees to perform better, with employees reciprocating their boss’s concern through their work performance.

Female bosses also tend to provide feedback more often than male bosses, meaning they provide employees with more significant help when it comes to achieving their goals, helping them grow personally and professionally.


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