3 Tips To Make Your Property More Sellable

3 Tips To Make Your Property More Sellable

Managing real estate is a balancing act—if you put too much money into your home before you sell, you might not be able to recoup the costs. If you spend too little, you’ll have to settle for a lower price.

How do you make sure that your home goes for as high a price as possible without breaking the bank? Reports indicate that making the right adjustments can increase your home’s value by up to 20%. We’ll break down a few tips.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

The kitchen is indisputably one of the essential parts of a house. When it comes to selling a home, 53% of real estate management experts agree.

A complete remodeling significantly increases the odds of selling your house. However, a more cost-effective solution would be to update instead of a remodel: repair leaky faucets, light fixtures, and knobs. Also, get rid of cosmetic damages like stains or burn marks. With these reasonably priced updates, you’ll be able to achieve an organized and polished kitchen to help sell your home.

Tackle Clutter

An updated, clean, organized and clutter-free kitchen

41% of property management experts say that dirt, smells, and clutter is on their list of the costliest selling mistakes you can make. Cleaning up doesn’t just make your home look clean and fresh; it also makes it look more spacious. A house that is perceived to look bigger is bound to sell easily and at a higher price.

Decluttering your home also ensures that potential homebuyers are more likely to envision themselves in a home and less likely to be distracted when visiting.

Ensure that you vacuum, dust, and wipe down every surface—store personal items like family photos out of sight. The home should be free of pests and any indication of a pest presence.

Picture Perfect Shots

When buying or selling a home, the most critical part of the process is the photos. According to research, 90% of homebuyers are searching for homes online. They focus extra attention to the pictures that are posted—meaning the better the photos, the higher the chance of selling the house.

To take photos that make your home stand out, here are a few tips:

  • Resist using a smartphone camera, instead use a DSLR.
  • Photos of every room within the home must be included. Exterior shots of the home and yard are essential.
  • Natural Light is preferred.

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