The Phases Of A Construction Consultancy Project

The Phases Of A Construction Consultancy Project

A project management consultancy plays an important role in the completion of a construction project. The consultancy service can facilitate communication between the client and labor, work on business development, generate more profit and maximize the resources available among other things.

Before collaborating with a construction consultancy firm, it’s important to understand the project. Knowing what to expect from construction consultants results in a fruitful partnership where both partners are clear about their expectations.

You, as the site owner, need to predefine your needs, objectives and aim for the project that you want the consultants to work on. The construction consultants, on the other hand, need to tell you what aspects of the project lie within their scope and the experience that they bring with them to produce optimal results.

Here are four phases of a construction consultancy project:


The pre-design is a step into the construction project where project managers are trying to understand the construction site. The pros and cons of the project are calculated, funding is established, and the approval is taken from the project advisory board. This is an important step before a consultancy firm takes on a project because it helps them gain a clear picture before they assign their resources and experts on the construction site.


Think of this step as the phase where a blueprint of the project is produced. Design is the phase where the outline of the project is made, critiqued, evaluated and put forward for approval. This phase also takes into account the budget that has been resourced for the project—defining the parameters of how extensive the design needs to be.



This stage is where the owner allows the consultants and the contract to start with the execution. It usually involves hiring a range of subcontractors, project managers, project teams and construction administrators. A detailed investigation of the site also takes place to monitor and decide the steps needed to be taken. This phase also checks for any environmental threats that may harm the structure in the end.


This is the phase when the project is being executed. The construction phase is the most crucial step for any construction consultancy firm. This is where materials are checked for their quality, access to the site is given to the workers, goals are set, and the working hours are defined. The work is executed keeping the budget in mind.

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