A Guide to Maintaining Excellent Relationships with your Tenants

A Guide to Maintaining Excellent Relationships with your Tenants

Every year, around two million US citizens pack their bags and move to a new neighborhood in search of better employment or educational opportunities.

Moving to a new house is never easy—especially on a person’s pockets. But the process is as troublesome for landlords as it is for tenants. Once an old tenant leaves, they need to search for new ones and strike a reasonable deal that works for both parties.

Common hurdles that landlords face include tenants not paying on time or not evacuating the premises after their term is over.

In short, maintaining a good relationship with your tenants is as important as getting a tenant on board. Here’s how you can do so:

Timely maintenance and repairs

As a landlord, it’s not only your responsibility  to pay for all repairs and maintenance, but it’s also a legal obligation. It’s your property manager’s job to keep you updated on when and where these repairs are needed.

To make sure all repairs are carried out on time, speak to tenants about them. Ask them if something is making them uncomfortable or if there’s any feature they would like improved.

Ask them if the house suits them and whether there are any fixtures that are leaking. This will assure tenants that you care, making them more likely to pay on time and stay loyal to any agreements made.

Timely maintenance and repairs

Cater to their requests

Always listen to what tenants have to say. If a tenant approaches you with a request for permission to put picture hooks on the wall, be considerate and polite.

Tenants will only enjoy their stay if they’re allowed to live life the way they want to. Don’t turn down requests that are reasonable.

Even if you’re refusing their requests, do it politely and justify it with reasoning. Talk to your property manager to discuss these requests if you’re confused.

Seek help!

If you have a busy schedule and can’t always visit tenants to solve matters in person, you can always seek help from a professional property manager. A good property manager is a rare commodity; they treat both tenants and landlords equally. Their job is that of a mediator who carries out negotiations on your behalf.

Common jobs that come under their expertise are showing tenants around a new property, initiating negotiations, and facilitating all the monetary aspects of the deal. They also specialize in conflict resolution and are quick to act when a problem arises.

Invest in a property manager who you can trust. Look for references and carry out a background check before signing someone up. Always learn to trust them and allow them to make small decisions on your behalf.

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