Is There a Difference Between A Real Estate Agent and a Property Consultant?

Is There a Difference Between A Real Estate Agent and a Property Consultant?

Homeowners who are looking to sell their property often get confused between a real estate agent and a real estate consultant.

But is there a difference between the two? Let’s find out:

Property Consultants Want to Help Clients Achieve Their Goals

One of the biggest differences between a real estate agent and a property consultant is that real estate agents have only one goal: to make profit.

This means they will only focus on making their commission. This puts you in a situation that’s not ideal. Unless they’re being offered a high commission, they will not focus on selling your property to a good buyer.

Real estate consultants, on the other hand, focus on helping clients get the best deal. They prioritize your interests first. That means they will look for potential buyers that fit your criteria. In a nutshell, their goals align with yours.

Real Estate Consultants Are Paid for Their Services

Real Estate Consultants

When you hire a real estate consultant, you’ll have to pay a fee regardless of whether your property is sold or not. This is because they are providing you with expert advice, on top of searching for potential buyers.

Real estate agents, on the other hand, will only make profit once their client’s property is sold. They will get a commission from the sale. There is a certain percentage of the price the house is sold for.

Property consultants have zero interest in receiving monetary incentives from the sale of their clients’ properties. They will negotiate on their clients’ behalf and convince buyers to purchase the property.

Real Estate Consultants Are Well-Connected

The key difference is that property consultants maintain a good relationship with professionals from the real estate industry. Real estate agents, on the other hand, focus on a list of buyers that are interested in buying properties.

These buyers contact the agents after seeing an ad for a property and have no connection with the seller or the agents.

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