3 Essential Skills of Project Managers

3 Essential Skills of Project Managers

Project management

Project management is just not the same as it used to be twenty years ago. Since the industry has seen significant changes, there have been shifts in the roles and requirements of project managers as well.

Of course, as a project manager, you’re still required to wear many hats and juggle multiple tasks. On top of that, meeting deadlines and staying within the budget is a timeless characteristic that is impossible to escape with this role.

So, what are the skills that can make you super efficient (and at times, almost superhuman) at managing projects? Here are a few essential tips from experts to guide you better.

1. Be able to communicate clearly

If you’re just starting off as a project manager or applying for an open position, you’re very likely to see this as one of the top three requirements in the job description.

An effective communicator is by default a good leader as well, because you know how to transmit relevant information to the right people.

You also need to have strong interpersonal skills to be able to have your team and staff members on the same page.

2. Be an expert negotiator

Negotiating should almost be your second language. Project managers need to do this constantly with all parties involved including vendors, construction staff as well as team members.

Whether you’re negotiating lower prices with a reliable vendor or making sure your staff is working to the best of their abilities on the project, you have to learn to navigate through all kinds of people and situations.

When deadlines get closer, you can’t let the pressure or stress get to you or any of your members either or disputes on site can cause delays.

3. Managing risks

This is a skill you’ll be able to hone with experience or if you’re naturally skilled at foreseeing risks in a project. The more time you’ve spent on various kinds of projects and on site, the more competent you get at analyzing the extent of risk involved in each project and how to avoid them.

Learning how to manage risks practically is far more effective, however, educating yourself will help you in future projects as well, if you are able to implement it better.

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