The Traits of a Successful Property Developer

The Traits of a Successful Property Developer

Concerned about the project management for your next real estate project? We understand. There are several complexities involved in developing your own property.

Here are five traits that you must look in a property developer to ensure successful completion of the project.

Communication and interpersonal skills

Effective communication and people skills are pivotal for a property developer to thrive in the real estate industry.

As a developer, they have to deal with a diverse range of people including architects, builders, consultants, investors, sellers, buyers, lawyers, and more.

Therefore, it’s important for them to be able to communicate effectively and have astute negotiation skills and leadership qualities to oversee your property development project.


A property development manager should have a basic understanding of the economy, finance and real estate markets, and project management to ensure successful project completion.

A four-year degree program in fields such as Architecture, Business Studies, Civil Engineering, or Urban Planning can provide them a good grip in many of these areas.

Though the aforementioned skills can also be developed without having an educational background, having a formal educational background can give them a competitive advantage.

Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving Skills

In an ideal world, a property development project will have no obstacles and roadblocks, but—unfortunately—we live in a world that’s far from perfect.

From the construction process to permits, there are so many things that can go wrong during a project. Here, the services of a developer with excellent problem-solving skills can be invaluable.

A good property developer has a problem-solving mindset that enables them to mitigate problems and risks.

High-risk appetite

There’s always a high degree of risk associated with real estate investment and it’s not always possible to predict accurately whether an investment will pay off.

It’s crucial to have a risk-taking attitude as individuals with a risk-averse mindset may not be able to take the plunge when required.

Competent property development has good judgment and risk-taking capabilities, enabling them to take calculated risks and ways to minimize the chances of failure.

High-risk appetite


Creativity is what sets an average good property developer from a successful property developer. Having a creative eye can help a developer see the bigger pictures that go well beyond the simple process.

They incorporate innovative building methods and leverage the latest technology to ensure that your property development project is completed in the most efficient way.

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