Iconic Art Deco Buildings in New York

Iconic Art Deco Buildings in New York

As a New Yorker, you’re no stranger to the breathtaking beauty of New York’s skyline. From glittering, tall skyscrapers to eclectic multistoried buildings, New York is home to some of the best architectural wonders.

Whether you live and breathe architectural history or have an eye for appreciating good aesthetics when you see them, take a look at these unique Art Deco buildings in New York.

The Bryant Park Hotel

If you love strolling through the Southern part of the Bryant Park, chances are you haven’t missed the looming structure of the Bryant Park Hotel. Built in 1925, this glorious Art Deco building seems like a postcard brought to life.

With its matte grey exterior and stunning gold details and accents, the Bryant Park Hotel’s where history and creativity come to life. This tall, dark skyscraper with spires and gargoyles isn’t a sight to be missed!

The Paramount BuildingThe Paramount Building

As a movie buff, you’ve probably heard of Paramount Pictures. From the billion-dollar blockbuster Titanic to the Transformers franchise, Paramount Pictures has blessed movie lovers with exceptional movies.

So if you’re craving to go to the origin of all these amazing movies, what better way than to visit the former headquarters at the Paramount building! Located at 1501 Broadway, this landmark building was one of the top Art-Deco buildings of its time. Marvel at the arched entryways and the muted-gray exterior, as you sip on a beer at the Hard Rock Café.

The Eldorado

Imagine rowing across the sparkly blue waters as the sight of the white, bricked-walled skyscraper. Sounds magical, right? Except in New York you get to live and relive your fantasy at Eldorado!

Conceptualized by one of the top architects, Emory Roth and the relatively lesser known architect team at Margon & Holder, this luxury housing building boasts 30 floors. Here, you get to take in the intricate geometric spires, white-toned brickwork and the metal finials as you stroll through the Upper West Side. So be prepared to get lost in the simplicity of this Art Deco-styled building! The beauty of this building lies in its details.

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