Women Who’ve Made Architectural History

Women Who’ve Made Architectural History

Taking a stroll through New York feels like reliving a scene from a classic Hollywood movie. With the wind rushing through your hair as you sip on an Americano, New York will keep you on your toes even in the wee hours of the night.

But as you stop to marvel at the beauty of New York’s skyline, make sure you recognize some of the architectural women geniuses of their time!

Emily Roebling & the Majestic Brooklyn Bridge

As a New Yorker, you’re no stranger to walking down the breathtaking East River Bridge with throngs of people during rush hours. The warm sun shining softly, as you make your way across the bridge feels like a scene out of a Hollywood movie. But have you ever stopped to wonder about the architectural history behind this iconic bridge that connects Brooklyn to New York?

Emily Roebling & the Majestic Brooklyn BridgeThis East River Bridge was conceptualized as the result of the hard work of an architectural genius, Emily Roebling. She was played a key role in ensuring that this bridge was actually materialized. Therefore had it not been for her, the Brooklyn Bridge wouldn’t have been completed once her husband contracted “the bends.” Emily played multiple roles —of messenger, engineer and secretary, seamlessly to bring this breathtaking bridge to life for the residents of the city in 1883.

So the next you cross the Brooklyn Bridge, make sure to pay homage to the plaque embellishing one of the towering granite structures.

Natalie de Blois & The Modernistic Lever House

As someone who has spent most of their years in one of the most sophisticated and urbane cities of the U.S, you’ve seen all New York has to offer. From the glittery towering skyscrapers to iconic landmarks, New York’s the place to be!

But the next time you go around the city, take a moment to stop beside the Lever House at 270 Park Avenue. After all, the buildings embellishing New York City’s skyline are brimming with rich architectural history! This one-of-a-kind building was the result of Natalie de Blois’s unconventional approach to architecture and debuted in 1952. Blois therefore, was the one who propelled the shift from masonry-styled apartment buildings to glass office towers.

So if you’ve anyone to thank for the modernism architectural approach to office buildings, it’s Blois.

Clara Coffey & The One-Of-A-Kind Park Avenue Malls

What’s New York without its expansive green spaces? As a New Yorker you might enjoy spending your downtime in some of these parks. After all, nothing beats quality relaxing like some good ol’ jogging time!

If you’re visiting the Park Avenue Mall to catch a break from your crazy schedule, make sure you take in the aesthetics of this park. All of these beautiful green spaces and planters that you see are the product of Clara Coffey’s architectural genius. She’s the one who’s attributed for changing the face of the city through the introduction of green spaces. Therefore, Coffey not only made the Malls accessible for everyone but also beautified them from Midtown to Upper East Side.

So while you relish in the beauty of the seasonal flora and glittering sunlight, don’t forget to pay homage to this exceptional landscape architect.

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